6 Reasons Why People Love Living In DeLand

Thinking about relocating? If you enjoy warm weather, delicious food, and outdoor activities, you’ll want to make sure DeLand, Florida is at the top of your list. 

DeLand is a Central Florida town located just 30 miles north of Orlando. Despite its convenient location, DeLand has maintained its small-town charm. From recent college graduates to retired empty-nesters, people from all over the world move to Central Florida every year, which is one of the reasons DeLand’s population is so diverse. In addition to its unbeatable climate, the town offers a number of benefits and amenities that really highlight its appeal. Below are six of the many reasons why local residents love living in DeLand:

1. DeLand Is A Short Drive From Some Of Florida’s Best Beaches

Feel like taking a spur-of-the-moment beach vacation? It’s easy to spend a day at the beach when you live in DeLand. Daytona Beach is only a 30-minute drive, while Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral are only about an hour and a half away. DeLand’s proximity to Florida’s ocean side makes it easy to jump in the car and head to the beach for a day trip, yet the town is far enough away from the coast that it doesn’t receive a ton of tourist traffic.

People travel to Florida’s shorelines from all over the world, but for those living in DeLand, you can be on the beach with a drink in hand in under an hour.

2. DeLand Is Surrounded By Lakes And Parks

For those who don’t feel like making the short drive to the beach, DeLand has many beautiful lakes and parks in its own backyard. If you enjoy outdoor water activities, you certainly won’t have trouble finding things to do around here. Just Southwest of DeLand is Lake Beresford Park, a 210-acre park with a 1.8-mile trail that is great for hiking or biking. The trail actually connects to Blue Spring State Park, which is known as one of Florida’s best state parks in the area. At Blue Spring, there are great campgrounds and hiking trails, as well as opportunities to check out manatees in the spring conservation. 

Near Lake Beresford, you’ll also find Hontoon Island State Park. This beautiful island is only accessible by boat or park ferry and contains an endless amount of scenic nature and history.

Northwest of DeLand is Lake Woodruff, which is an amazing wildlife preserve. Between DeLand and Orlando, you’ll also find Lake Monroe, which has some of the most beautiful scenery, fishing spots, and picnic locations in Central Florida.

3. DeLand Has A Vibrant Business District

DeLand might be a short drive away from Orlando and some large beach towns, but it’s still able to maintain its small-town southern charm. One of the best things about living in DeLand is its vibrant Main Street business district. With so many local shops, restaurants, and other amenities, you won’t need to travel far to enjoy a nice day out on the town. In fact, with so much to offer, it’s easy to spend a whole weekend shopping and dining in and around the Main Street business district.

  • Shopping – DeLand’s Main Street business district is full of locally-owned shops. With clothing boutiques, record stores, jewelry shops, and more, you’re in for a full day of shopping while also supporting our local businesses and economy.
  • Dining – DeLand has so many fantastic restaurants. If you’re in the mood for burgers, pizza, Mexican, Cuban, Greek, or Italian, you’ll have no problem finding a delicious meal downtown. There are also a number of great bakeries and coffee shops, which are great places for a date or to simply catch up with friends or family.
  • Entertainment – If you’re looking for a fun night out on the town, DeLand has no shortage of options. Nightlife includes several fun bars, lounges, and wine shops around town. You can also catch a live show or concert at the Athens Theater, which hosts a wide range of national and local acts. 
  • Art – Local art is an important element in any community. In addition to over 15 beautiful downtown murals, DeLand also has a rotating public sculpture exhibit that features over a dozen locally-created sculptures spread out around downtown. You can check out the sculpture map here or try to find them on your own. You can also visit the DeLand Museum of Art, a beautiful facility which always features new art exhibitions. 

4. DeLand Has A Rich History

DeLand’s history dates back to 1874 when the town was founded by Henry DeLand, a baking soda tycoon from New York. Henry DeLand purchased the land and transformed it into a citrus and agricultural center, and much of the town’s story and history is told through painted murals that exist throughout downtown. In fact, one of the best ways to get to know the area is by taking a self-guided historic mural tour. The tour includes the detailed history behind 15 different downtown murals. You can download the trail map here.

5. DeLand Has A Strong Local Job Market

Orlando, which is just about 30 miles away from DeLand, is home to over 60 major companies including Disney, AAA, and Darden Restaurants. Major industries include hospitality, manufacturing, media, and a lot more. If you’re looking to start a career or raise a family, living in close proximity to Orlando gives you many valuable career options. If you’d prefer to work a bit closer to DeLand, Stetson University and West Volusia Memorial Hospital are two of the area’s largest employers.

6. DeLand Is Affordable

One of the best parts about DeLand is that it’s in close proximity to top Florida destinations, but it’s significantly more affordable than many other areas of the state. According to Zillow, the average home price in DeLand is $252,600, which is about 14% cheaper than the average Florida home price. Furthermore, the general cost of living is approximately 6% lower than the national average. 

Best of all, it’s also very affordable to build your own custom home in DeLand. With a building partner like Atlas Homes, you can invest in a brand new, energy-efficient, single-family home at an affordable price. Because our homes use high-quality, yet cost-effective building materials combined with energy-efficient floor plan designs, they’re not only affordable to build, but you’ll also see cost savings through green living for years to come. Affordable home building rates combined with a low cost of living make DeLand a great choice if you’re planning to relocate to Florida!

Beautiful weather, a vibrant community, and close proximity to top Florida attractions make DeLand a perfect place to live. For more information on living in DeLand or how to build your own custom home, contact us today.