What A DeLand SunRail Stop Could Mean For Homeowners

Getting to downtown Orlando, the airport, or some beautiful Central Florida state parks could potentially become even easier for DeLand homeowners after Volusia County Council voted to add a long-awaited SunRail station at the site of the former DeLand Amtrak platform. 

The proposed plan is set to add a small platform, 40 to 50 parking spaces, and up to 40 daily train trips for a total investment of $41.95 million.

Public transportation plays a key role in the development of every community, and the addition of a SunRail station will have a huge positive impact on DeLand and its residents. Public transportation mobilizes communities and boosts local economies by connecting people with resources, employment, and easy access to parks and recreational activities.  

With the addition of the SunRail station, there has never been a better time to build a home in the DeLand, Florida area. For local homeowners, easy access to the SunRail train line is bound to have several major benefits and make this great community an even more desirable place to live.

Here is what we think the new SunRail station will mean for DeLand homeowners:

1. Easier Commute To Work

DeLand is about a 40-minute drive to downtown Orlando without significant traffic. However, commute times can be a bit longer in the morning and afternoons. While commuting from DeLand is certainly manageable, the option to ride the train to work will undoubtedly be a major convenience for local homeowners. It’s likely to create an easier and potentially shorter commute. For one, taking the train will be more affordable as residents will see significant savings on gas and car maintenance. It might even help improve productivity as residents can work or read on the train. Not to mention public transportation is also much safer!

2. Increased Property Values

Numerous studies have shown that accessible public transportation is known to increase property values within a community. Because the addition of a SunRail station will make DeLand an even more desirable living location for those commuting to work in Orlando, it’s a safe bet that this change should positively impact property values for DeLand homeowners as there will be a higher demand from people who are looking to settle down in the area. This is especially true for those homeowners in close proximity to the new station.

3. The Option To Go Train To Plane

DeLand residents can easily avoid costly rides and airport parking fees by being able to go “Train to Plane”. Orlando International Airport is just a short 15 minute Uber or Lyft ride from the SunRail Sand Lake Road station. Having the option to take the train to and from the airport will most certainly make life a lot easier and help ease travel expenses.

4. Decrease In Traffic

More commuters taking the train should ultimately translate to fewer cars on the road. A new rail line is expected to decrease traffic going in and out of town. This means faster commutes, less frustration on the road, improved road safety, improved mobility, and an overall positive impact on the environment. 

5. Stronger Local Economy

Studies have suggested that every dollar invested in public transportation generates up to $5 in economic gains in return, and it’s easy to see why. The new SunRail line will not only provide local homeowners with easier access to jobs but can also create more jobs in town. The new line will attract tourists from other areas of Central Florida to DeLand’s beautiful Main Street. It will also give local businesses near the new station an opportunity to thrive via a new flow of foot traffic. All of these factors can ultimately lead to an economic boost which should have a rippling effect and could lead to compound growth across the community.

5. Easy Access To Parks And Amenities

The new station will provide DeLand residents with easy access to several beautiful Central Florida parks. Some of the great parks along the SunRail line include:

  • Lake Monroe Park (Debary Station): One of the most popular parks in Volusia County. Enjoy beautiful lake views and picnic areas.
  • Gemini Springs Park (Debary Station): A great area for local hikers, bikers, and dog walkers, this park has around 5 miles of woodland and paves paths that take you through some beautiful scenery.
  • Fort Mellon Park (Sanford Station): On the other side of Lake Monroe is this beautiful lakefront park with trails, playgrounds, tennis courts, and several other amenities.
  • Central Park (Winter Park Station): Stroll through the gardens of Central Park while checking the town’s wonderful cafes and shops
  • Gatorland (Tupperware Station): Cruise the zip line or take an off-road adventure at the Alligator capital of the world.

There Couldn’t Be A Better Time To Build An Atlas Home

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an empty-nester, building a custom DeLand home in a growing area is an excellent investment. When investing in real estate, choosing an area with a growing economy is only half the equation. The other half is the quality of your property. Because of the strong connection between public transportation and economic growth, it is certainly a great time to build in DeLand, but finding the right contractor is essential. Once you find the quality building partner, you’ll have the opportunity to create a home that meets all of your needs with the confidence that your investment will likely grow over time.

With the addition of the SunRail line, it’s very possible that we’ll see local property values rise and local land inventory decrease as more and more people move to DeLand. Now is the perfect time to begin to think about your custom home build before competition increases further and real estate prices rise.

If you’re considering building a new custom home in beautiful DeLand, Florida, give us a call! We’ve been building high-quality, energy-efficient custom homes for DeLand residents since 2014. Our team prioritizes quality, affordability, and green-living above all else. We’d be happy to help!